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Jim McKnight's PC Self-Help & Other Stuff Website

Interesting Stuff:
  1. My PC Self-Help Tips 
  2. Donate your old Laptop to the Homeless
  3. My Most Demanded Recipes
  4. Support the Tesla Science Center

Test Links:
  1. Test Photo: HULK
  2. Test Audio: THX Deep Note
  3. Test Audio Aad Gurey

Jim's Lab
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Jim's Bio

Fix my PC.... For Free?
This site is a summary of useful information I
have collected while working with PC's.
You will find some interesting PC related articles,
"How-To" guides, Windows 7, 8, 10 Tips,  
Networking Tips, How to Back up your 
data files, How to make an image of your
hard-drive, Malware Removal Tips, and more.

For personalized PC help I recommend you join
a PC
Users Group. For the West Los Angeles area,
the "Los Angeles Computer Society" website
www.lacspc.org .


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