Donate your old Laptop to the Needy & Homeless

(c) Terry Blake 2002

Since 2001, Jim McKnight has worked with a homeless feeding program in Santa Monica California called "Hand to Hand".  Hand to Hand provides a hot meal to over 200 homeless and needy guests every Saturday morning and every Holiday, year around
at 5th Street and Olympic Blvd in Santa Monica. See  

Jim has found that there is a need for Laptop PC's among homeless and other needy people trying to better themselves.  Yes, Homeless people can use PC's....  for job preparation and other useful tasks, as well as for fun.  Many free wireless hotspots allow them to connect to the internet. 

Jim refurbishes the donated Laptop PC's and places them with deserving needy or homeless recipients in the West Los Angeles area through the Hand-to-Hand organization.  He fully wipes all data from the hard-drive, then re-formats the drive, and puts on a fresh installation of the Windows Operating system.  If desired, you can request that Jim pull any important data from your  hard-drive and put it on a flash-drive or CD for you before he wipes the hard-drive.

This is a great way to recycle and dispose of your old Laptop. If you would like to donate an old Laptop that has Windows 7, 8, or 10 installed (running or not), contact Jim at:

Please include the AC Power adapter. 

Upon request, a receipt for Tax purposes will be provided from either the Hand-to-Hand Feeding project or from the Los Angeles Computer Society (both are 501c3 Organizations). If you do want a receipt, please provide an estimated value of your donation for the receipt.

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