Fix my PC?       For FREE?

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YES!  I offer free PC diagnosis, repair, and malware removal to Members of the LACS PC User Group (the Los Angeles Computer Society), but within certain limitations.  Click on my "Conditions of PC Service" link below for details.


o the following:
1) Print out the "Conditions of PC Service, Tuneup Summary, and Questionnaire" document.
2) Read it completely (4 pages).
3) Answer all questions as best as you can, and sign the form.
4) Call me to see if I am available (same day) for you to bring your PC to my house along with all the Paperwork.  
Before any work can begin, I need a fully completed and signed copy of the Conditions of Service document. 
You can take advantage of this offer by investing in a one-year Regular Membership to LACS.  Just print out the Application below and bring it, along with the above listed paperwork to my house with your PC. You can e-mail me at the address shown (in the pink box) on my main page.  
Read the "Conditions of PC Service" sheet for full details.               

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